PH/Temp meter now in the garden

I finally put the sensor platform out in the garden.  I am streaming it currently on io.adafruit here:

NOTE:  I will be moving this stream next week to Azure.  but for now, I am using MQTT to send data to adafruit’s solution.

You can see the box that I got.  It is a bit overkill.  I also got a “power stake” so that I can easily run power to both a pump and the sensor platform.  The box is very very big.  I imagine that I will get a smaller one for future versions that I will use in marine environments.

New materials:

  1. Weatherproof indoor/outdoor box to hold my sensor platform and power
  2. 1′ power cord extensions to make it easy to plug in “wall wort” for microcontroller power
  3. Power stake to split extension so that I can run pump and sensor platform

You can see it here in front of one of my tower structures.


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