Take ACH and Credit Card Payments in D365 Business Central

This is a quick demo I did showing how you can pay an invoice in D365 Business Central through a PCI compliant payment portal.

Key Features:

  • PCI compliant payment solution to minimize your PCI footprint. You don’t store any card or bank information.
  • Uses active directory for single sign-on so that your users don’t need to remember another login. Uses the same login as Business Central.
  • If you have multiple companies, the portal allows you to switch between them.
  • After a card or ACH transaction is authorized, the payment automatically is applied in Business Central.
  • Totally customizable.

Take Payments in Dynamics SL for Easy Collection

The easier you make it for your customers to pay, the easier you can collect.

SL QuickCollect is payment solution for Dynamics SL that allows you to email or SMS message out a simple link to your customer as a request for payment.  The customer can then click on the link and are sent to a PCI compliant payment page without any portal login required.  Everything integrated directly with Dynamics SL.

You can see a general demo here:

More information can be found on our blog (including how you can customize and develop applications using SL QuickCollect):