Using Catalina’s API for Dynamics SL

For developers, our SOAP version has the definition of this in the WSDL here (NOTE:  we have it separated by function/module depending on what you need to do):

If you are using RESTful API, we have swagger documentation here:

We have a lot of SOAP examples on our GitHub samples repository here (if they are using SOAP):

I also have quite a few demos on YouTube

Using RESTful API

If you are using RESTful API, here is a decent demo that I did that shows how to utilize Swagger and Postman to integrate to SL through our API:

This is a playlist of more of our API demos here:

We also have a lot of examples of things on a blog.  You can see here how to create sales orders using our RESTful API:

There are a lot more API types of things in this blog category:

Using Catalina’s RESTful API for Dynamics SL in Dotnet Core
Retrieving and Saving Customers in SL using Catalina’s API for Dynamics SL